Au Petit Cafe

Vietnamese subs, or bánh mì, combine French baguettes with Vietnamese ingredients for fillings like cold cuts, cilantro, fish sauce, and pickled carrots. My last trip to Vancouver, I found the tiny family run Au Petit Cafe to make one of the best sandwiches I’ve had. I arrived at in the… 

Without Papers Pizza

Without Papers Pizza is located above its sister restaurant, Sugo, in Inglewood. After climbing a long steep flight of stairs, you’re presented with a warm atmosphere. A large pizza oven dominates one corner of the open kitchen. Movies from Hollywood’s golden age is projected on another wall.

Hou Lok Restaurant

Hou Lok is a busy restaurant that stays open late and serves a Chinese-style late night snack call da lang (打冷). There’s usually a variety of Teochew dishes like braised meat in a soy sauce marinade, seafood, and congee served on tapas-style plates. I arrived at around 9 pm and… 

The Modern Bakeshop & Cafe

On my last road trip to the West Coast, I decided to take a small detour into Revelstoke. There, I discovered The Modern Bakeshop & Cafe — a busy local hangout with a small-town charm and a menu that provided an alternative to the standard fast food fare located at the side… 

Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream is a hidden gem. Tucked away at the back of a cul-de-sac, I found it one hot summer night after 9 pm by the long line ups coming out of the front door.  

Booker’s BBQ Grill & Crab Shack

Booker’s BBQ Grill & Crab Shack have an all you can eat crab deal every Sunday and Monday night for $40. It’s great if you have a craving for steamed snow crabs. For those that are not a big fan, they also have an all you can eat ribs at… 

Falafel King

The restaurant’s appearance wasn’t too impressive. The interior decor is a little dark and gloomy. The bright blue menu casted an eerie glow over the order and prep counter. But hey, who said I was here for the ambiance? I’m here for the food.

The Market at the SAIT Culinary Campus

I was wandering around downtown for lunch when I stumbled upon The Market at the SAIT Culinary Campus on Stephen Avenue. Intrigued, I decided to take a look.

Muku Japanese Ramen

Muku Japanese Noodle House on 14th Street NW isn’t the only Japanese ramen noodle house in town, but for the price, it’s hard to beat.This cosy establishment provides a friendly dining experience that satisfies my ramen cravings.